Wheel of the Year Celebrations: YULE

Join Celia, a CYT, doula-trained, moon-howling witch as we journey our way through the 8 sacred witch holidays or Sabbats. We’ll make our way around the Wheel of the Year by meeting on the solstices, the equinoxes, (the solar holidays) and the days in between (the lunar holidays).
We meet to celebrate the Earth in all of her many cycles, and remember the magick of the ever-repeating patter of life, death and rebirth, that we are so connected to and ingrained within in every day no matter how much we surround ourselves with artificial textures, lights, and patterning. Step out of the day to day and step into the ancient ways of knowing that have been pulsing through the soil for millennia.
This first class will celebrate YULE on Thursday Dec. 21st 9-10:15pm - This is our time to CELEBRATE. Our time to rejoice in the returning of the light and the shortest day of the year ! Typically consisting of a 13 day party, we’ll meet on the second day to start off our year. We’ll join together for a white elephant gift exchange **PLEASE BRING A $10 WRAPPED GIFT** and a plant and Crystal ritual to call in our intentions for the year.
Self Investment: $33
(Next Class: IMBOLC Saturday February 3rd
Date Thursday December 21, 2023
Time 9:00 PM - 10:15 PM
Location Be Free Healing Center
Staff Celia Avens

This class has already passed, but there are plenty more going on now. Please check a current class for more info.

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